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A local vision that continues a local tradition

Brimming with personality, the Huon Hill is at the heart of what Wodonga’s all about.

The vision for the Huon Hill was born out of a love for the area. We’re proud to be recognised as an award-winning venue that rivals Australia’s best. Yet even more so, being on first name terms with more and more locals from both sides of the river.

Wodonga’s newest hotel, the Huon Hill is an award winning architectural design, delivering the area a world class venue with a warm, traditional local feel.

As you’d expect, with enclosed blazing fires to keep the winter out and outdoor terraces for lazy summer days, there’s always an extra warm local welcome awaiting.

Wodonga’s newest shining light – the Huon Hill Hotel.

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The Huon Hill

A timeline for success.

Huon Hill - The Perry Family Hospital Tree

Regional passion. National recognition

Judged Best Regional Bistro at the AHA (VIC) 2014 State Awards for Excellence

Huon Hill - AwardHuon Hill - Award

Judged Best Regional Bistro at the AHA 2015 National Awards for Excellence

Huon Hill Hotel

48 Reid Street Wodonga, Victoria (02) 60561399

Open from 9am Monday through Friday and 10am on Saturdays and Sundays.
This may vary on public holidays.

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